Steven Haagsma

Education Specialist |


What do you do at HOME?

I lead trainings for landlords and tenants and do outreach through social media and with other organizations. My goal is to stop discrimination before it happens by making more people aware of their rights and responsibilities under fair housing laws.

Why do you work at HOME?

Housing is such a basic necessity for people that I want to help ensure everyone has access to housing so they can focus on other aspects of their lives. People can’t be their best selves without a roof over their heads, and I came to HOME to do my part in helping people have equal access to that basic foundation.

Where did you work before coming to HOME?

I was an AmeriCorps Builds Lives through Education (ABLE) member in a Buffalo school co-teaching US History and working with attendance and test data. Before that I taught English in South Korea.

What do you do in your free time?

Three things I really enjoy are running, reading, and traveling. Running helps me stay healthy and sane, and reading and traveling help me understand the world better.