Education & Training

For all trainings, contact our Education Specialist at 716.854.1400 x 16 or

Education is the key to recognizing and preventing housing discrimination. HOME offers a variety of educational programs for tenants and housing providers provided by the Education Specialist. You can also refer to our Events page for a calendar of upcoming trainings open to the public.

Fair Housing and Tenants’ Rights Workshops

These interactive workshops are geared toward tenants, home seekers, and anyone interested in fair housing. We tailor presentations for nonprofits, government agencies, community groups, schools, human service agencies, and children and youth of all ages. They cover:

  • Fair housing laws

  • Information about HOME’s programs and how we assist victims of discrimination

  • In-depth explanation of protected classes

  • How to recognize “covert” housing discrimination

  • Best practices for withholding rent, deducting & repairing, and retrieving security deposits

  • Protecting your rights and fulfilling responsibilities as a tenant

  • Open Q&A


Thanks to contracts with the City of Buffalo, the Towns of Hamburg and Amherst, and the Erie County CDBG Consortium, we are able to offer a limited number of tenants’ rights/fair housing trainings free of charge.  Presentations requested outside of our contract areas or contractual availability will be determined at a fee. This helps us maintain our services despite limited resources. Please contact us for a quote!

Landlord Certifications

These 2-hour workshops are geared toward landlords and housing providers. They cover the following topics and more:

  • Fair housing law and protected classes

  • Discussion on the impact of housing discrimination

  • How to avoid discriminatory practices

  • Best practices in the application and screening process, questions you can & cannot ask prospective tenants, and illegal lease clauses

  • In-depth explanation of reasonable accommodations and modifications for people with disabilities

  • Laws and local ordinances that landlords should know about

  • Landlord rights and responsibilities

  • Evictions and small claims court

  • Open Q&A

You can register for a landlord training here.



We host a landlord training in our offices every month for $35 per attendee.
Click here to view our upcoming landlord training dates. Registration is requested.
Off-site Training: Call for quote
We provide off-site training to businesses, nonprofits, and private organizations interested in learning about fair housing law. Please contact our Education Specialist for a quote: 716-854-1400, ext. 16.

Refresher Course

This is only for housing providers who have received landlord certifications before but would like a refresher on fair housing and an overview of any updates in the laws.


Thanks to contracts with the City of Buffalo, the Towns of Hamburg and Amherst, and the Erie County CDBG Consortium, we are able to offer a limited number of these trainings free of charge. Presentations requested outside of our contract areas will be at a small fee for a 30-minute session. Contact us for more information!

Respondent Settlement Trainings

Trainings following conclusion of a discrimination case are of a more technical nature.  Please contact HOME for a quote at 716-854-1400.