Community Housing Center

The Greater Buffalo Community Housing Center (CHC) is a program that provides housing search assistance and other services to participants of Erie County's Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher programs.

For more information
please contact our Mobility Counselor
or Associate Director by calling 716.854.1400. 

The Goal

To empower families to make a truly free and informed choice about living in the communities of their choice and to make the transition a smooth and successful one. Since 1999, the CHC has helped over 4,000 families lease housing.

What the CHC Offers

Individual counseling sessions, access to the mobility library, housing listings, security deposit grant for eligible clients, and greater opportunity case management.

Security Deposit Grant Qualifications

  1. First-Time Section 8 Voucher Recipient who is just coming off the waiting list.
  2. Currently living in a high poverty census tract.
  3. Attend Small Group Session.
  4. Attend Individual Counseling Session.
  5. Choose to lease housing in a census tract within a community of opportunity.

Opportunities in Hamburg

The Town of Hamburg is an exceptional community—with good schools, access to superior employment opportunities and services—and among the safest in WNY. It is also exceptional in that Hamburg is THE leader in assuring people their right to fair housing in our region.  In Hamburg, people cannot be legally denied housing due to their source of income. Hamburg is so serious about fair housing that they have helped HOME create special mobility incentives to encourage clients of our Community Housing Center (CHC) to consider moving there.

Under Hamburg’s initiative, if clients choose to move to the Town of Hamburg, where poverty levels range from 2.5 to 14.4 percent, they can be eligible both for a larger security deposit grant AND moving assistance payment.