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A Guide to Landlords' Rights
Tenants' Rights Guide
Choosing Good Tenants: A Practical Guide for Landlords
Housing Discrimination: Know Your Rights!
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A Guide to Landlords' Rights: Fifth Edition

This fifth edition of A Guide to Landlords’ Rights includes three new chapters: “Rights of Persons with Disabilities,” “Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers,” and “The Buffalo Rental Registry.” Many revisions have been incorporated throughout the Guide, and a chapter rewrite of “Recovering Money from a Tenant” has clarified the small claims process for landlords. The Guide also offers a resource list with updated phone numbers and contacts and a revised inspection checklist, application, and lease. D.F. Williamson has provided updated sample eviction and execution forms.

Other expanded topics include DSS Security Agreements, domestic violence victim protections, smoke alarm requirements, occupancy standards, and lead abatement. This book also contains ample information on selecting good tenants, the rental decision, safety and crime prevention, leases, security deposits, tenant responsibilities, keeping good tenants, and what to do when a tenancy doesn’t work.

124 pages
(c)2016 by HOME, Inc.

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Tenants' Rights Guide - Free

Guia De Los Derechos Del InquilinoFree

This book from the NYS Attorney General's office is an ideal resource for both landlords and tenants. Available in English and Spanish. Contact us at 716.854.1400 to request your free copy. (limit 1 per person per request.)

Choosing Good Tenants: A Practical Guide for Landlords - Free

This brochure was created for landlords and contains a rental application that is in compliance with fair housing laws and can be duplicated and used. 

Housing Discrimination: Know Your Rights! -Free

Discriminación de Vivienda: Conozca sus Derechos! - Free


This brochure, available in Spanish and English, explains how to recognize and respond to housing discrimination.  

Order Fair Housing Brochures for your organization

We'll deliver or send up to 50 “Housing Discrimination: Know Your Rights!” and/or “Choosing Good Tenants” brochures for free in Erie or Niagara County. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. Contact HOME for any requests exceeding the maximum.


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