Our Services

HOME serves our Western New York community through advocacy, the enforcement of fair housing laws, education, and the creation of housing opportunities.


Advocacy and enforcement

We provide free, comprehensive support to victims of housing discrimination and offer paralegal counseling to help resolve landlord and tenant disputes. We also record and investigate complaints of housing discrimination by compiling facts, interviewing witnesses, reviewing documents, and counseling individuals on their rights and options under federal, state, and local fair housing laws. We conduct investigations by utilizing testers to corroborate complaints and gather evidence of systemic housing discrimination.



We raise awareness about fair housing laws through our landlord certification course, as well as fair housing and tenant's rights training. We provide technical assistance to government, community services, and housing providers. 


Creation of opportunity

We compile and maintain a fair housing database, provide mobility counseling through our Community Housing Center (CHC), and participate in the City of Buffalo's Rapid Re-Housing program to prevent and mitigate homelessness.